“Writing a methods textbook is very difficult. In this instance, the authors have achieved a very good outcome. Students with some grounding should find it approachable. . . . [The] book is long overdue and a major contribution to methods teaching in professional planning.” Regional Studies

“Good books on planning methods are rare. Klosterman and his colleagues have done us a great service by updating Klosterman’s previous book and extending its scope to population forecasting, spatial analysis, and GIS. A key text.”
Michael Batty, Emeritus Professor of Planning, University College, London

“This delightfully hands-on approach will be a breath of fresh air for students and practitioners alike. At long last we have  a book that teaches urban planners to be intelligently analytical and ultrapractical.”
Ray Wyatt, Emeritus Professor, University of Melbourne

“”I predict–and making accurate predictions is a big part of what this new volume covers–that Planning Support Methods will become an essential ‘go-to’ reference for both beginning students and experienced professionals. New chapters and sections on spatial analysis methods, land suitability analysis methods, and public participation help round out this extremely well-written, easy-to-use, and important new work.”
John D. Landis, Crossways Profesor of City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania.

“Klosterman and his colleagues have done a masterful job of assembling and describing the core methods that planners use to understand the dynamics of urban growth and development. No other text combines demographic, economic, and land suitability techniques in such an effective manner.”
Steven P. French, Dean, College of Design, Georgia Institute of Technology